Ballyfarrick is the port town of Caer Beinn, which lies in the foothills of the Táilte a few miles to the south. Ballyfarrick is home to a permanent population of about 1,000, though the constant flow of ships from other ports along the coast makes it difficult to know the exact number for certain. Situated on the shore of the Sleannog Sea, the port has grown from its humble origins as a jumble of water-logged buildings to a vibrant port that serves as a landward mercantile hub for Dunmoriga, Moriga, and Vondheide.

While Ballyfarrick has come a long way, it's still a port town. The mayor of Caer Beinn (?) has brought his power to bear on the usual problems peculiar to such a place, but the shanty town Botháin, which lies between the city and its port, is now the place to go for shore leave.


Several buildings of note serve the port's activities and people.

Iron Mast

The Iron Mast, the most popular local inn, offers comfortable beds and filling foods at reasonable prices. Its fish stew is something of a local specialty, and the rich smell often lingers in the port's narrow streets.

Ballyfarrick Port Authority

The Ballyfarrick Port Authority building is a solid, impressive building that stands prominently alongside the docks. It's made of the same Táilte-sourced stone that forms Caer Beinn's walls, and the flags of Dunmoriga and Caer Beinn flutter from its flag staff during work hours each day, regardless of weather.

Årendsen's Shipwrights

Of Rindis stock that left that land long ago, Årend Årendsen is the latest in a line of skilled shipwrights who have worked in Ballyfarrick almost from the beginning of the port's existence. The family has passed on a secret ship-building technique that yields a lightweight but sturdy hull capable of weathering even the most brutal of storms that often sweep across the Sleannog Sea. Many attribute the success of Ballyfarrick, and indeed of Caer Beinn, to the continuing presence of the Årendsen family. The leadership of Caer Beinn have tried many times to bestow honors and titles upon various scions, but each has rejected the gesture with the gruff reserve often attributed to Rindismen.

Local Flavor

Dock workers tend to refer to inhabitants of Caer Beinn with amused contempt as toppers.

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