Dismal Hollow became a gathering point for the bandits under the command of Demeth as they returned from their hiding places in the mountains to the east of Arden. The Hollow is a damp clearing well inside the bounds of Griphook Forest and closer toward the forest's heart. A small bandit advance force came to scout out the woods and ran across Womberbash.

The main feature is an exposed rock face where the elevated land from the east suddenly drops off. The rock forms a three-sided enclosure, with the missing side pointing toward the west.

Fun Facts

Dismal Hollow's appearance is pulled directly from a place Rhett visited during a training exercise during Officer Candidate School in the Army. In the woods of Fort Benning there's a place where the trees thin out and a large, three-sided rock enclosure surrounds an area large enough for a company to take a short rest.

Dismal Hollow is named after a small town near Front Royal, Virginia. Rhett saw it when driving once, and thought the name was evocative.


  • Season 1, Ep 3 - Everybody was Bandit Fighting
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