Flenmoor is a large city located in the moorlands 75 miles north of Arden and about 350 miles south of the country capital of Fairwind. It is approaching the two hundredth anniversary of its founding. The land on which the city sits is untamed moorland, full of low-lying terrain that often fills with water and is cluttered with tangled jumbles of dense bracken. As a result, the city is plagued with swarms of typical swampland pests during the warmer months, and days tend to feel more humid.

The city is named for its founder, Flender Farsham, a charismatic man who guided a large group in search of a remote place to settle so they could practice their religious beliefs without state control, a problem common to the more settled areas of north Moriga. Many of these early settlers were dissenters from the polytheistic majority, and they sought to worship a single god without fear. Today, outlying communities that hold onto the polytheistic mindset (like Arden) consider Flenmoor a place of amusing interest, a city full of lost, confused, ignorant, and (to some) degenerate people.

In spite of this external perception, the city is growing, and as knowledge seekers that visit from other countries flood its gates, larger northern cities in Moriga are taking notice to the benefits. Certainly Flenmoor's roots in monotheistic thinking haven't kept it from considering alternatives in an open and fair method. As a result, there are many open-air forums where citizens and visitors alike may be found daily, locked in debate about some doctrinal point or other.


Flenmoor appeared in the following episodes:

  • Season 1, Ep 11 - On the Road (Again)
  • Season 1, Ep 12 - You Can Always Go Downtown
  • Season 1, Ep 13 - At the Library
  • Season 1, Ep 14 - Quietly Making Noise
  • Season 1, Ep 15 - The Witch Doctor

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