The Great Salt Marsh was a large region of saltwater marshland and swamp east of the /name/ Mountains of central Moriga. The Marsh was home to several tiny, run-down villages scattered around its soggy banks, but the most notable of these was the village of Sedge.


Temperatures in the marsh were generally hot and uncomfortable to those from outside its vicinity. Rain fell often, and there was a persistent humidity in the air.


Plant life tended to be lush and rank, with sedge grass crowding the banks, grassy hummocks protruding from the swamp, and cypresses growing all around. In spite of the thick growth, however, constant skiff poling had provided convenient passages through the swamp, opening the way for trade routes that shaved considerable time off of the drier but longer road around the north side of the Marsh.


The Marsh was home to many different animal species, from the long eels and fish villagers made a living catching to the swarms of biting insects. It also harbored much more dangerous animals. The Marsh was known for its ferocious crocodiles and snakes of unusual size.


The Great Salt Marsh appeared in the following episodes:

  • Ep 16 - Rocky Mountain Way
  • Ep 17 - Over the Hills and Far Away
  • Ep 18 - Snake Bite Love

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