Griphook Forest is a large area of forested land located in central Moriga. The forest covers an estimated 350 square miles (roughly 10 miles wide east to west and 35 miles long north to south). On its western margin is a trade road and the Arden River, while it is bounded to the north, east, and west by mountains and hills.


Griphook is home to a narrow though populous range of animals, ranging from chipmunks and squirrels to wolves. Larger animals are less common, but not rare; some have spotted bear and large deer.


The forest's propinquity to Arden has made it a convenient source of building timber, although the town's small population means that heavy logging hasn't pushed the trees back too far.

The outer reaches of the forest make for abundant hunting, as evidenced by the renown Arden has gained for its specialty fatling, a thick venison sausage.

Bandits once infested the deeper parts of the forest, providing them with concealment and protection from easy reprisal. A concerted effort by Arden's militia led to the bandits begrudgingly disappearing into the hills and awaiting an opportune time to return for revenge.

Significant Locations

The forest is dense, but not impenetrable. Key locations of interest include:


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