Jarrett White was a militiaman of Arden who was sent on an undercover mission to infiltrate and provide word on the activity of bandits in the mountains and forest near Arden. In pursuing this mission, Jarrett was acting on the orders of Chiswick Garderock, the mayor of Arden.

Jarrett's mission was mostly successful. He made his way to one of the outlying bandit camps, negotiating a series of interviews to prove his worth to the outlaws. After several weeks, he saved the life of Deneth, the bandit captain, during a caravan raid, and was at last wholeheartedly accepted into the band.

When Deneth revealed it was time for the bandits to begin a push to attack and take Arden, Jarrett leapt at the chance to join the small group that left ahead of the main body to establish a forward presence in Griphook Forest. After the group was defeated at Dismal Hollow, Jarrett surrendered and made his way back to Chiswick to report on the impending bandit raid.


  • Season 1, Ep 3 - Everybody was Bandit Fighting
  • Season 1, Ep 4 - Going Stag
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