Three large cities:

  • Badu-ibayaat (the city on the plains) located south of the border with Seth-arban
  • Hayaam'abud (Hayaam's city) located in the large bay just west of Kassara
  • Lamango-wa-khife (gateway to the jungles) located in the broad valley toward the western end of Muwaka along the Moriga border

Fast Facts

Demonym: Wakamani (singular), Wakamanisu (plural) 


Motto: Fumatade wa mi tadane (To do, we must be doing.) 


Coat of arms:  




Government: Interesting government; king rules over three major cities, but takes council with tribal chiefs. Symbiotic relationship-- king benefits from intelligence network scattered all throughout the countries, while tribal people look to cities for protection. 


King gives commission to special traders called kemani (keman in singular form). Go and buy intriguing items, bring them back for study. Some more intricate items are deftly disassembled and rebuilt. In this way, Muwaka stays atop technological developments and are able to make improvements of their own design. More commonly known by Arbani name, akman/akmani.

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