Peter Greyhawk was a Human from the village of Arden, a town located in central Moriga.

 Physical Description

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Peter was a 24 year-old man with brown hair and vivid green eyes. Although his hair was naturally wavy, he tended to keep it closely cut on the sides and shorter on top since it was easier to maintain that way. He was 5' 10" (1.78 meters) tall, with a slim but fit frame.


Peter grew up in the Chapel of the Healing Hand, a chapel and hospital of sorts located in the village of Arden. He knew from a young age that his parents had left him at the chapel, and it was here that he developed through the tutelage of his mentor, Physick Comfrey. After successfully completing his personal copy of the Green Book, the text sacred to followers of Vasham (goddess of medicine and healing), he became one of her clerics and devoted himself to learning how to use herbs to cure sicknesses and ease symptoms.

When he was 17, Peter and the Physick were called by the Green Order to Vondheide to serve as healers in the great Blisterfoot Plague. They returned safely to Arden after their work was done and the plague was safely contained. During his time in Vondheide, Peter learned to speak Vondheider from patients who knew no Edelene.


Peter tended to favor the habit, the loose, comfortable garment most closely associated with clerics of Vasham. His habit was grey, and he wore trousers and sturdy shoes underneath. He also wore a symbol of Vasham at his neck, a pendant in the shape of a mortar and pestle.

Before setting out on the Stag's quest, Physick Comfrey gave Peter a suit of scale male, a crossbow, and a shield marked with Vasham's mortar and pestle. All these items had once been the Physick's, and he had maintained them scrupulously over the years since his retirement from adventuring. In combat Peter favored the mace, though he occasionally reverted to the crossbow if the situation demanded it.


After the Stag's challenge, Peter took possession of a faceted cylindrical starstone that had formerly been called Raiskostoch. According to the Stag, it had once belonged to a great warrior and a close friend of the Stag. When Peter held the stone it took on a bright, lime-green color similar to that of his eyes. The music he heard through the stone had a mystical sound to it.

Other Notes

Thane created Peter from whole cloth, with no known single inspiration.

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