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Sedge was a village situated on the west bank of the Great Salt Marsh in eastern Moriga. An out-of-the-way place, Sedge seemed content to go its own way at its own pace, and had a run-down feel to it. Its industry consisted mostly of fishing for eels and other saltwater fish in the murky waters of the marsh, or for crayfish in the many surrounding freshwater pools and rivulets that fed into the marsh. There was also a sizable timber yard at the north end of town. On occasion townsfolk would ferry goods or people across the marsh on worn but reliable flat-bottomed skiffs.

The town consisted of a muddy north-south main street bounded on both sides by wooden boardwalks, with piers jutting out into the marsh's waters.


Sedge appears in the following episodes:

  • Ep 16 - Over the Hills and Far Away

Notable Characters

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