The Towering Height was an inn of eclectic design located in the remote mountain village of Blinkendun. It was a large, rambling composite of multiple architectural styles, but the overall effect of the house was one of whimsical charm. The inn served as a comfortable waypoint for the traders who made their way between the western moorland of Moriga and the Great Salt Marsh and port city of Isling on the mountains' east slopes.

The inn took its name from its location, with the Towering part referring to the ancient ruins located at the valley's north end, and the Height a reference to its place in the higher passes of the mountains of central Moriga.

The inn's was run by Arlo Turinger and his wife, Mella.


The Towering Height appeared in the following episodes:

  • Season 1, Ep 16 - Rocky Mountain Way
  • Season 1, Ep 17 - Over the Hills and Far Away
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