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Enter Vardalon and find a world of adventure and heroism! This home-brewed fantasy world is specifically created for use with the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition ruleset. Strap on a sword as a fearless warrior. Melt into the shadows and seek the opportunity to strike as a crafty rogue. Delve into the mysteries of magic as one of the arcane classes and discover why the world no longer works as it once did.

Vardalon is an entire fantasy world comprising multiple continents. The majority of the development to date has been on a single continent divided into eleven countries, though future efforts will seek to expand the playable world. 

Vardalon Wiki

This wiki serves two main purposes: to create and round out the many aspects of Vardalon, and to document the creative process as we work to bring the world to life.


Most of the pages in this wiki provide detail about the lands, cultures, peoples, and other features of this fantastical realm.

The Creative Process

As a parallel to the work in this wiki, we want to offer our thoughts on how we're approaching building a campaign setting, and how we're developing the first major campaign for small group play. We'd like to think the thoughts we provide here will be useful to Dungeon Masters of varying experience levels as they put together their own home-brew campaigns.

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