Because he lived in Griphook Forest for 12 long, lonely years, Wamberbash Bensonmum created his own manner of speaking. Before ending up in the forest, he had obviously formed a vocabulary, but a dozen years on his own led to a new and sometimes different way of referring to things. Here is the list of his custom words:

Word First Episode Appearance (Time Stamp) Meaning
Funnelugamuggen Mushroom 1 (31.45) An edible mushroom found in and around Griphook Forest. Presumably not red with white spots.
Tillac Weed 2 (8.38) A naturally occurring plant with white flowers and purple stamens. Its leaves grew in clusters of three or four and were shaped like hearts. When prepared properly, it could be used to reduce dizziness. Physick Comfrey knew it as willow anther.
Grul 2 (33.33) A wolf
Puer Cha Leaf 3 (52.43) A naturally occurring plant that acted as a stimulant, presumably due to caffeine content.
Skroodle 17 () Crayfish/crawfish/crawdad
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